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I believe that creativity and knowledge go hand-in-hand. I think of each of my new paintings as an adventure, which allows me to express what inspires me the most. My obsession begins with building layers of complimenting colors, to capture my impression of a waterfall, a reflection in a lake, or a stunning sunset. While painting my rendition of a three dimensional scene I hope to allow the viewer to interact with my art. It was once said to me by an admirer, viewing one of my ocean sunsets, that they could almost feel the changing weather and the movement of the waves. This is the reaction I strive to achieve in all my paintings.
I am still continuing my quest for my next masterpiece. I believe each piece of my art should stand alone as an original and unique creation.
I paint for the excitement of capturing a fleeting moment in time, thus recording that moment.
Peggy Wesley
Artist's Statement
Peggy at an outdoor show sponsored by a local winery, Chatom.
Here, Peggy is working on her soft-pastel painting titled "Sierra Hills" during a fine art demonstration at the Calaveras County Fair in 2003.